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Recent News

2004-07-18: This last weeks changes:

  • Fixed bug in GetAge calculation --DBS
  • Commented out a few links to "tell.html" until the recommendus.cgi is created --DBS
  • Added "other" to the list of Ethnic choices (thanks to ItsMe) --DBS
  • Set fake account status on test accounts --DBS
  • Updated donation.html --DBS
  • Added poll script (still needs to be integrated) --DBS
  • Cleaned out a few unused (license) html files --DBS

    2004-07-11: This weeks changes:

  • New users now get random passwords --DBS
  • Don't show people who haven't filled in profile (bdate/alias) --DBS
  • Improved checking for required fields --DBS
  • Added "Distance" field to edit profile screen (again?) --DBS
  • Fixed broken link for unique signup/login unique combination --DBS
  • Added pages for gifts/rest/movies/events (no more 404 errors) --DBS
  • Fixed major security issue with cookie authentication (or lack there of) --DBS
  • Cookies now use SessionID rather than passing actual password --DBS
  • Fixed bug where cookie got set 2 times in a row --DBS
  • Forums now open/view in frame, rather than take WHOLE window --DBS
  • Forums now use CSS from site --DBS
  • Forums now do not automatically show quote from previous post --DBS
  • Chat now open/view in frame, rather than take WHOLE window --DBS
  • Chat now requires you log in, rather than allowing anon users --DBS
  • Chat now uses CSS from site (kinda) --DBS
  • There is now a button to "Delete Photo" on the page for editing your profile --DBS
  • Several minor cosmetic HTML fixes --DBS
  • A First Name is now required, which fixes a few messages like "[name], your email has been sent" --DBS
  • Giving a bad email/password combination now reports error --DBS
  • Added more logging messages (Login succeed/fail, profile views) --DBS
  • Viewing a profile now only loads THAT profile, rather than ALL profiles --DBS
  • Fixed the code for sending an email. Dunno how it got broken --DBS
  • Now "account edited" email only gets sent to admin on Submit Account/Profile, rather than ANY time userdata is changed (as in updated ACTIVE date during login) --DBS

    2004-06-19: This weeks changes:

  • Fixed some broken "signup" and "login" links/page refs
  • Fixed the HTML and CGI for uploading photos on the Edit page
  • Created a new "two hearts" icon
  • Various HTML fixes pointed out by Tiffany (thanks!)

    2004-06-12: This weeks changes:

  • GetAge sub now uses Date::Calc for better age calculations
  • Cleaned up display and fixed a bug in showing of profile information
  • Last Active date now gets updated properly when logging in.
  • Removed link to "script".
  • Now have dynamic OPTIONS/actions based on if logged in or out
  • I'm sure LOTS of other changes I've forgotten about

    2004-05-22: This weeks changes:

  • Total re-work of user data files (soon to be converted to MySQL database)
  • For now, only using "Account" info rather than separate Account/Profile data, for easier maint.
  • New LogIt subroutine for adding info to site log.
  • Better cookie management.
  • MANY MANY updates to most all cgi scripts
  • I've forgotten most everything fixed/updated, but the site should be fully functional now. :)

    2004-05-15: Today's changes:

  • Fixed new bug with search_query (changed ParseForm and search form vars) so not ALL form vars are added to search query string
  • Totally re-wrote the sort function for better efficency, less code, better sort field options, and more
  • Fixed missing var for number of search results shown and removed code showing total number of accounts
  • Minor HTML formatting fixes for search results page

    2004-05-14: Today's changes:

  • Tiffany pointed out a Forum bug - now fixed - should now be able to read/post messages
  • Tiffany pointed out a LOT of grammer mistakes in various pages - now fixed
  • PayPal donations should be set to work now.
  • Edit Profile form now contains uid field.
  • Editing Account/Profile info now sends mail to Admin.
  • Fixed new bug which concatinated new user profiles together in the data file.
  • Fixed new bug where LoadUsers was always adding to Users array rather than replace.

    2004-05-13: Today's changes:

  • Massive spelling corrections across the site. If you see any more, let me know!
  • Replaced the Java Chat system with an HTML chat system.

    2004-05-12: Guess I should start keeping this more up to date with the new stuff that's been fixed, so, for this latest set of fixes:

  • The main "personals" page now shows a welcome message with your first name.
  • Cookies now include first name (for above) and current profile name/alias.
  • Got forums working, as a place to chat about "work", right now :)
  • Removed "Photo Upload" from "Edit Profile" form... uploads should be done as from main account. Photos can then be "attached" to profiles as desired by member (still to do)
  • Set up DEBUG entries on all templates... is replaced with 'debuginfo' variable
  • Took down IRC chat page instructions
  • MANY other changes I've forgotten about.

    2004-05-02: Downloaded, installed and started looking over this OpenSource Software package with hopes to mold it in to the spectacular online dating service / meeting place it will soon become!

    ^ top

    Older News

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