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What is a Link Exchange

Link exchange is the place to request link trading. This link exchange is very different from any other website we have seen on the net. We have tried to use other web sites link exchanges and we found that most of the ones we tried are scams. A few of the major problems we found are as follows.

First we found that many of the link exchanges we tested are nothing more then an un targeted list of links on a single page. This means it may help in getting better ratings on search engines but most people do not click through the links and find your pages.

Next we found that most of the link exchanges have a requirement for you to link to them first, then (usually within 48 hours) they check your site and link back. The problem is a vast majority of them never link back. That means you give them free exposure with nothing in return. The few that are legit usually have a requirement that their link be within one to two clicks of your home page. No big deal right? Except that when you check their site you are often 5 to 10 clicks from their home page. This is no good.

We also tried a vast number of banner exchanges and we found that banner exchanges are a double evil. First of all they interfere with web design, look choppy, out of place, and visitors don't like them. They also (even when they claim to) don't bring you any targeted traffic nor do they help in getting you higher search engine ratings. Basically put, for 99% of the web, banner exchanges do not work.

How our Link Exchange Program Works

Because of all these findings we have tried to develop a link exchange that takes care of all these issues.Our rules are very strict but well worth both your and our time. How it works is, first you request us to link to your website, we check your site, ensure it follows our guidelines, and list it in the appropriate area of the site. After this we send you an email telling you what section of our site your link is listed on. Upon sending this email you have exactly 12 hours to either links back to use or your link will be removed.

About once a week we send a bot out to examine your website. We ensure that our link remains on your website. If it is ever removed, our link to you is also removed. Also if we ever see our link on a page of a list of other links we will remove your link back to you. We do not allow our link to be "just another link" on a link list page. Find an appropriate page for it and add it there.

How our Links Are categorized

Our links to other sites work as follows, if you are a personal ads site, love site, dating site, etc. your link will go on our one of our personals pages. If you are an OpenSource project website you will be listed on one the script pages. Any mp3 sites, personal web pages, and chat sites, get listed in our chat pages. All other web sites get listed in our links exchange section.

Each of our categories have 6 pages in all, the main page, the press release, the sponsors, the license, the advertise, and the contact page. In order to reach the main page in each category you have to give us special exposure (special exposure includes things like a nice description or review). If you reach the main page in a category AND are sending us over 50 hits a week we will also write an article in our press release for your website (our press release includes things such as website keywords for even more and better exposure in search engines).

To reach our front page you have to be an outstanding site we think is worthy of special recognition. As you can see sites like Freshmeat (who have sent us over 500 hits in one day), are on every page, they get press release on our main press release page, after all without these sites most of you wouldn't be stopping here. If your site reaches this level, we will give you the same respect as we give these sites.

A brief list of rules

How to submit

  1. Email all details to
  2. Url: URL to home page of your website
  3. Topic: Topic of your website (what is your site about)
  4. Title: The title you want for your site (no more then 15 characters long)
  5. Description: Description of site (a brief description of what your site is about)
  6. Keywords: Keywords you use when submitting to search engines
  7. Return location: Location you are planning for return link