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Welcome & acknowledgment

Thanks for checking us out! For many years 'CyberClub' has been an idea of mine to bring the social aspects of a nightclub to the cyber world. The goal of this site is to bring people together, whether for dating, chat, games or more.

This is really the VERY early stages. I just installed the template for this site near the beginning of May, and so it's very rough right now. The site is FREE! So, please... sign up for an account , look around, and give me feedback! I could really use everyone's ideas, suggestions for improvements, bug fixes, site design/navigation, etc.

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Please Show Support

Well this, as most of my projects, is totally OpenSource. This means I make no money off this site, the time it takes me to write the code, etc. This also means I need major support to keep this, and other projects, going. The most obvious is you can always make donations but that's not the only thing that can be done to show support. You can also do things such as link to the site, start a profile on the personals section of the site, or things as simple as telling other people you know about this site.

Still, the BIGGEST support you can give right now, though, is feedback on what can be done to improve the site. THAT is top priority at the moment.

If you do anything to show us support please let me know. I don't care if its as basic as telling a few friends here. I like to know who will support this site and maybe I can in some small way return the favor.