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Terms of Service

You have the right to use this irc server as long as you follow the rules set forth. No one is above these rules. This is not a democratic irc. I am not a "power happy" owner but I am sick of little kids and constant BS. You have the right to find a different network to chat on if you don't like my rules. You will find I am usually way more laid back then most server admin/owners. If you fail to comply with the rules set forth I or my staff will remove you from this server.

If you believe you are being treated unfairly and want to dispute a network ban (No channel ban inquiries please) drop me an email and present your case. I have logs of everything that happen on this server and my log bots do not lie. If you believe that these rules are not fair and want to discuss this further, please just find another place to chat at cause as I said already this is not a democracy.

Making other users feel unwelcome or unwanted on a server which you do not own will not be tolerated and you will lose all rights to chat on this server. If you receive a virus this server will not be held responsible. If you send virus's on this server you will be banned and reported to your ISP. There is also to be no illegal activity of any kind on this server. No mp3 trading, no warez trading, nothing illegal at all. I hope everyone find these rules to be acceptable and obeys them. Have fun and make friends.