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Free-Personals IRC Rules of Conduct

Do to recent events I have decided all the rules of IRC are now going to be different. Quite honestly, I am very annoyed I even have to impose such rules but most of you still haven't learned to use ignore so it must be done.

  1. Fighting of any kind results in 1 warning then a channel ban
  2. Instigating a fight (ie. calling someone a drama queen, telling someone to shut up no one wants to hear about it etc.) results in 1 warning and a channel ban
  3. Racist remarks, hate remarks, etc. results in a channel ban
  4. Evading a channel ban results in a warning/kill, then a network ban
  5. Talk of DDoS, threats to the server, the admin, or the users results in a network ban
  6. Spamming of any sort results in a network ban
  7. Use of a bot in a channel you do not hold ownership of results in 1 warning, 1 kill, then a network ban
  8. Admin have the right to change rules at will to suit a particular situation.
  9. Aggressively accusing admin of being power happy will result in 1 warning 1 kill and a network ban. (if you believe an admin is being power happy state your opinion and shut up about it)